The fragility of the vase that God lives

    The image of walking is not bad for talking about prayer. His practice is very similar to the approach of all those who go to Compostela or to other horizons. The first days are talkative: the body complains that has forgotten the long walks that practiced our ancestors, the head wonders about the decision to embark on an adventure, the memory is monopolized by what we left Behind you ... Gradually, the rhythm is taken, the movement becomes more natural, the body relaxes and the spirit is released. And soon, slowly, finding meaning is no longer necessary, the reasons and motivations become useless and inconsistent: we live, quite simply. And in this newfound peace, in this restored equilibrium, in this satisfaction, silence opens its path.

    We must dare to take this path. It leads to the discovery of the Friend, the discovery of a supplement, an extra, an excess of peace, balance and contentment.

    Tt is the hallmark of the mystery of God never to be far and to always go before us. It is the hallmark of the mystery of God to be immediately accessible, and yet many do not know how to find it. Mystery without words, ineffable, like any true mystery, but hardly further than where our words already know how to carry us. It only takes a little more, a little jump in the beyond words.

Rémi Chéno, O.P.


Surname: Crespin

First name: Jean

Age: 68

Family: 3 children, 5 grandchildren and a wife who supports me 200% in this project.

Hobbies: DIY, gardening, bird watching, photography...