As you all know by now, I decided to walk for Colloma.

But this is not any walk! From Vezelay in Burgundy, to Santiago, I will walk almost 2000 km, by foot, the same way as the pilgrims. With this effort, physical - and spiritual - I would like to reach a strong, supportive gesture to support the boarding school of Colloma, which continues to fight for its survival.

The constructions need major maintenance, as since its inauguration in 2001, few actions have helped to maintain the boarding school in good conditions.

 I think about :

  • as a priority, about the restrooms, which are today in a real state of insalubrity and requiring a complete renovation,

  • the corridors and classrooms, dormitories, hall, roofs... that need urgent repairs and a blow of freshness (cement, plaster, paint), etc,

  • a construction of a small annex that would serve as a computer room,

  • and a lot of small useful works (plumbing, electricity, etc.)

I strongly believe that, after these repairs, the boarding school of Colloma will accomplish a new round...perhaps 20 more years!


You guessed it, I invite you to join me at the end of August, and to encourage me throughout my way, from September to mid-November, uniting your effort with mine.